Security Management

InfoTech has completed dozens of Enterprise Security projects. Our consultants have decades of experience in complex security scenarios. Over the years we have developed a very precise and powerful security methodology and product portfolio to enable best in class protection for organizations who realize that security breaches are one of the greatest threats to brand equity, and market competitiveness and that security is an organization wide priority.

InfoTech combines audit, policy, layered prevention at edge, perimeters and core with specialized context based and strategic intelligence for a powerful all encompassing approach to organizational information security. Our security implementations ensure that organizations have a proactive security posture especially against zero day exploits which constitute a majority of attacks. Our solutions combine hardware, software and services with integration across all information layers for comprehensive enterprise security. Banks, utilities and telecoms with millions of customers among many others depend on InfoTech security solutions for their security. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you stay secure.