Oil & Gas

In actual operations Oil & Gas companies have perhaps the most complex operational processes of any sector in the economy. Health, Safety and Environmental aspects which were always critical have been made more complicated as regulatory oversight on this sector increases. Economic uncertainty, fluctuating crude prices, information in silos, lack of qualified people, drawn out large scale projects are combining to make this the most challenging era in this field.

InfoTech consultants have deep skills in this sector and have specific management backgrounds in companies like Schlumberger etc. This is why we focus on ensuring superior ROI on capital investments for efficient exploration and production, optimal integrated operations form oil fields to refinery and petroleum delivery and downstream revenue growth. We enable data analytics capabilities, integrated solutions for all aspects of operations that lower operating costs, and improve key performance indicators across core functions.

From an upstream “barrels of oil” focus all the way to downstream “days of sales” focus, InfoTech consultants will enable a better informed, smarter, and more agile oil & gas organization.