Data usage by customers is at the heart of the new telecom. Data driven services have the potential to create the most value and InfoTech focuses on this as it works with operators to transform their environments.

Eroding ARPU patterns loom large on traditional fulfillment, assurance and billing telecom ERP systems. Customer analytics must be used as the fuel in the innovation engine that consistently creates and quickly delivers value added data driven services and this VAS creation cycle must take center stage in the telecom landscape. All automation of all key functions indeed all information technology solutions need to support this prime activity for acquiring and retaining customers and committing them to value added services.

Smarter usage of analytics meanwhile will enable efficient processes across service creation, provisioning and delivery to OSS/BSS and reporting and revenue assurance. InfoTech works with telecom companies to both optimize these operations and re-engineer and automate processes for creating value added services.