IT Managed Services

ERP and Application Outsourcing: InfoTech’s tremendous experience with major ERP and Applications providers, its hundred+ coding team, and creation of its own market leading applications allows itself to add tremendous value to end user’s application environment using our managed services.

ERP outsourcing and related services allow an organization to focus its resources on core functional areas allowing InfoTech to perform the following:

Strategic application roadmap and ERP selection services.

Remote administration of ERP systems.

Onsite administration of ERP systems with leased specialists.

Creating and integrating ERP modules for specific business needs as well as ongoing software development work on legacy and other applications.

Workspace Outsourcing: Customers have found great success and bottom line efficiencies by utilizing our various functional outsourcing services:

Finance/ HR core or ancillary functions outsourcing.

IT Support/ Helpdesk outsourcing.

Accounting backoffice services like payroll, expenses etc.

CRM related outsourcing including call center, market research and marketing support.