Banking in emerging markets is at an exciting stage. As banks aim for growth via alternate distribution channels, expanding services to small and medium sized clients, and maintain their customer base in an increasingly competitive world they need to maintain extremely high levels of customer service, personalization and in market expertise. Innovations in risk management, sophistication of treasury services are becoming essential but must be balanced by flawless execution internally and externally.

InfoTech has history and experience working with banks doing the balancing act of managing growth while managing increasing information technology complexity, security threats, regulatory and compliance requirements all the while dealing with customers exposed to greater choice that rely increasingly on digital media for cementing decisions, a medium where every banking infraction goes viral.

InfoTech works with banking customers by understanding their customers, their strategic bets on growth, their services oriented architecture and helps them build an application layer that innovates and delivers best in class services, enables smart executive decision making, and ultimately secures greater customer lock in. We work with you to define and implement a technology roadmap that helps you deliver all these goals