Software Deveopment: 

TechFindGlobal specializes in embedded system development. Our R&D portfolio includes a variety of embedded technologies based on microntroller/microprocessor and standardized technologies such as RF id,Bluetooth, Wireless USB, ZigBee/Wireless Sensor Network, Wi-Fi, and RF based protocols.

Our R&D division develops embedded software solutions for the protocol stack of communication protocols such as I2C, CAN, SPI and USB.This includes the Medium Access Control (MAC) and other network layers.Our vision is to become a global supplier for innovative embedded technology, combining timely, yet cost effective solutions that offer our customers a competitive advantage.Our mission is to offer solution of Embedded and Wireless technologies that meet our client expectations in quality and performance, while enabling creative individuals to achieve the highest level of job satisfaction.

These are offered with the assurance of finest quality. We have the ability to undertake consumer electronics and automoative projects.

We design and develop software solutions based on our clients' specifications.

Embedded software development is a very demanding segment expecting engineers to be proficient in both hardware and software. Our team of embedded software engineers has been groomed to take on challenges in every new software design project. Our engineers have extremely low platform migration time and design implementation is carried out with utmost attention to minute details ensuring maximum quality output. We develop embedded software with a detailed process flow that involves the following stages:

Our embedded software development services:

We provide embedded software development solutions for designing small micro-controller based systems; large real-time, and board support packages and device drivers. We follow industry standard coding style for software development ensuring our client of excellent readability and understanding of code. Documentation quality is comparable to standards set by ISO and IEEE.

Our embedded software Development services include:

1.     Embedded application product development

2.     Embedded software for digital devices like SoC

3.     Embedded software development on various operating systems (VxWorks, Win CE, etc.)

4.     Real-time application development using RTOS

5.     Firmware development for system designs

6.     Development of control systems based on microcontrollers

Our teams have experience in working on embedded projects for clients across several industry domains including industrial automation, control systems, consumer electronics, and multimedia.